Hello there!
I’m Rhyce!

Feel free to look around. My posts are over there, my projects are over there……why am I pointing at the screen?



Image of me, Rhyce.

I’m working on a new site over at beta.rhyce.dev. I hope to be fully migrated to it by the end of the year!

Who am I?

As you can probably tell; my name is Rhyce. I’m a self-taught programmer.

More About Me

I first got into programming when I was very young. I was about 13 when I picked up notepad and built my first website. Coincidentally it was the same time I first learnt about Ubuntu and Bitcoin. I made a bootable Ubuntu USB and used that to bypass restrictions on school computers by booting into Ubuntu rather than Windows. Back to the website; it was very basic and had no functionality at all. Skip forward a couple of years and it got to the point in my ICT lessons at school where we were learning Scratch and then moved onto Clickteam Fusion 2, this was where I really started to like game development. Skip forward another few years to college and I was in IT realising that I wanted more than basic computer functionality and Excel spreadsheets, I wanted to build!

So I left college but had trouble getting into other courses as I didn’t have the required experience and knowledge so I taught myself. I taught myself everything I currently know. I restarted with websites, building a few from the ground up with HTML, CSS and PHP and then moved towards onto game development, and now, app development too.


C# Logo
C++ Logo
React Logo

C# is my main language with .NET Core however I use C++ with Unreal Engine and am currently in the process of learning React Native with Expo.

I also have HTML, JavaScript and PHP skills however these are a bit rusty as I haven’t focused on Web Dev in a couple of years.

Game Dev

Unreal Engine Logo

I use UE4 as my main game engine after it went free to use a few years ago. I am also able to use Unity but my skills with it are a bit rusty as I see UE4 as the best choice the majority of the time.

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