R6 Phoenix

R6 Phoenix has been discontinued.

It was fun while it lasted.

What is it?

R6 Phoenix is a Discord Bot I built for Rainbow Six Siege designed for the pure purpose of displaying player statistics to Discord users.

Written in C#, the code that runs it is very simple albeit a bit messy as I originally started work on it very late one night with very little sleep.

Why is it called R6 Phoenix?

Because I was originally building it as a replacement for R6DB when I heard it was, unfortunately, being shut down. Using the same API R6DB used, I started work on Phoenix, hoping to create my own version with Discord support so users could share stats easily and wouldn’t have to use the website, leaving the comfort of Discord.

With time I trimmed out the fat, removing unnecessary stats and its database backend, and it became the more simple version that it is today, showing player ranks from all regions of the world.